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Jurassic Park inspired screen-print, "Bingo! DINO-DNA," has a secret behind it's facade!

3-color 11" x 17" screenprints have a secret glow-in-the dark layer!

Glow-in-the-dark layer reveals secret dino-dna specimens!

Screen-printed by Gray Area Print (

Limited run screen-prints are stamped and signed by artist & printer on the back.

About the design:

"This was such a fun design and project to work on. Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorite films. I totally fell into Dino mania back in the early 90s with the release of the first film (June 11th, 1993). 2013 celebrated the 20th anniversary, I decided to pay tribute through this illustration.

My design is an amalgam of Joe Bazooka ads, the Barbasol embryo cryo-can, chosen & designed by Art Director John Bell and the "Mr. DNA" animated sequence animated by Bob Kurtz:"


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